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This is where it began for me....

D 378 DRE, I owned this bike in the 80's, and I know its still going now, I occasionally see it in Stoke on Trent!!

This site has been created to document the restoration of a pretty rough example of a 1985 RG250FG, and details the process of the task involved. It's currently, at the time of writing, May 2009, about to enter its third year of the rebuild! I've also tried to include as much information regarding the history of this bike as I can.

As a teenager, I owned one of these great bikes, while it was only briefly at the top of the 250 class, being eclipsed by the TZR250, it was, and still is a beautiful, ground breaking machine.

For those unfamiliar with the bike, its a liquid cooled parallel twin cylinder 2 Stroke, featuring power valve boosted exhausts, all enclosing bodywork, single shock rear suspension and triple disk brakes featuring no less than 10 pistons, and an aluminium alloy cradle frame, this last feature pioneered on the earlier RG250WD.

 RG250WD, a revolution in production motorcycle manufacturing.

The engine was claimed to boast 45 BHP, however engine tuners, pronounce that the output was significantly less, maybe nearer 38 BHP being more accurate, rumour at the time suggested that the test bikes were modified, using RG500 pistons, fitted as a private project by one of Suzuki's technicians, these pistons I believe are bigger than stock 250 items. Urban legend being what it is, there is no knowing if there is any truth in it. My own experience though proved that my bike, and my mates Walter Wolf model, were no where near the claimed 116ish MPH of the press bikes!!

The bike featured here was an Ebay purchase, and really was a snotty pile of crap, but I've really enjoyed bringing it back to something like its former glory!!

 This is the old snotter as it arrived in Staffordshire, after collection from the South Coast!!

The above 3 images are from the Ebay can see why I just had to have it.....(JOKE!)

I'll try to share my experience and knowledge gained during this rebuild, with as many pictures as is practical, after all, they are worth a thousand words.

 You can find extra info HERE if you'd like to know more about this, and other SUZUKI's.

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