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Reduced To Its Component Parts

The step of dismantling the bike was left a short while, while I checked out how the thing ran, and to try and discover the various pitfalls and problems I may encounter, and to await the arrival of the V5 form to ensure there was no doubt about my ownership!!

The dismantling only took an evening to complete, the engine however was left until the chassis was refurbished.....I knew I was in it for the long haul, and didn't want too many bits laying around my small garage!

It was clear at this point the the thing had suffered a real amount of abuse, with previously unseen cosmetic damage to much of the frame and swing arm, not to mention many bolts and screws which clearly didn't originate in the Suzuki factory!

The frame also had cracks forming in the cast sections that form the swing arm pivot, and were tricky to get repaired, it seems there is all sorts of stuff used in the alloy used in the castings,that rendered common forms of alloy welding unsuitable. Because of these repairs, I was left with no option but to Powder Coat, rather than anodize, as was the original finish, and my original plan.

How retarded would you have to be, to run a bike like this!! The bike couldn't even be pushed backwards, the teeth were so hooked, they grabbed the chain as it rolled off the bottom of the sprocket!

This is pretty typical of the condition when I got it.

As does this! Components thoroughly abused and damaged. The oil you can see is fork oil, blown out through the knackered fork seal!!

 This lug is supposed to retain the left hand side of the fairing bracket, and coolant expansion tank, Fairly straight forward fix.

This is a view into the left cylinder exhaust port, the piston is visible, and looking in pretty good condition, The rectangular hole inside the top wall of the port leads to the Power Valve Chamber in the head, Annoyingly, the threads for the exhaust studs were bollocksed, and needed helicoiling, Not a process I have much faith in....

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