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I have scanned some road tests from the 80's and included them here, I hope the authors won't mind, I have credited the relevant publications of which is from a French magazine, Moto Revue, as it shows some great images, and a tested speed of 119 MPH!!Interestingly, SuperBike got only 105 MPH out of theirs, exactly what I had out of my old 'D' Reg bike....Performance Bikes reckoned 110 MPH.

I'll add more tests as I find them, I've uploaded them in PDF format, so you'll be able to get a good read, share them and print them off if you desire..... As the file opens, there is a ZOOM option bottom right of the screen to enlarge the text. It may take a few moments to download, as the scans are pretty high resolution, so please bare with it. The SuperBike test consists of four pages.

REMEMBER!! It may well be slow to download to your PC as these are High Resolution scans, so that you can actually read them!! Be patient, its all good info. Enjoy.

These pages are from Moto Revue, and are, of course in French, but the pics are great, the quality of the mag pretty much leaves UK magazines from the same period looking very dull. This item consists of 9 pages.

I also have a copy of Performance Bikes, dated March 1986, I'm still a fan of that magazine now! An interesting point to note here is, Performance Bikes note in the feature, that another magazine had crashed the test bike "in a fairly big way", however, if you've already read the SuperBike feature, you'll already be aware of that crash, and of how little damage was actually done! 6 Pages

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