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Triple S - - Powder Coating

Diamond Metal Finishing - - Zinc Plating etc.

Motalia - - Vapour Blasting

Vintage Japanese Owners Club - Worth joining for Cheap Insurance, and 10% of Robinson's Suzuki Spares

Sea Star Super Bikes - - Frame alignment

Dream Machine - - Paint Work

K.A.S.Race Paint - - Paint Work

P.J.Engineering- - Re-bore and Crank Rebuild

CMSNL - - An essential aid to rebuilding this bike, it contains parts lists and diagrams, they may also be able to supply parts not available in the U.K.

B.S.Paint Supplies -,-Varnish-and-Lacquer - Really helpful in matching the engine paint.

West Country Windings - -Motorcycle Electrics Specialist

Diff'rent Strokers Forum - - Useful and interesting web site for 2 Smoke fans.

Stan Stephens - - Legendary 2 Stroke Tuner.

Gibson Exhausts - - Well if you wanna tune it, be rude not to fit some spannies!! The old Allspeed style pipes.

Camcoat - Ceramic Coatings to Refinish Stock Exhausts.

-Maxton Suspension - - Suspension Specialists, Front Fork Repair/ Upgrade, and Replacement Rear Shock.

Hagon Suspension - - Another Suspension Option. - - As Above, Pattern Parts.

Skidmarx - -Replica Fairing Panels, Replacement Screens.

Caswell Europe - - Suppliers of Coating Chemicals, such as Nickle/Zinc/Cadmium effect, and also Chemical Blacking.

Discount Bike Spares - - New Suzuki Spares.

Also, I have had several bits from Japan's answer to Ebay, its called Yahoo Auction, ( the downside is, it's domestic to Japan only, and you will need a contact in Japan to bid for you and ship to you. I use FromJapan ( You have to register, and pay a deposit up front before you bid, there are handling charges and various fees involved, and the exchange rate is poor at the moment, but it has proved invaluable for soucing rare parts. FromJapan's site is quite easy to follow, and shippin, if you choose airmail, should see your items in the U.K. within about a week of paying for shipping. I'll be glad to help if I can, feel free to ask.


The chassis number for the Mklll Gamma is Pre-Fixed GJ21B, this is Suzuki's Model designation, the earlier Gammas being GJ21A. Research leads me to believe that G represents Multi Cylinder Road Sports, J means engine capacity between 200 and 249cc, 2 means 2 Stroke Twin, and 1represents that bikes place in sequence. B is model variation. (the A being the earlier Gamma)

Frame numbers from 104823 to 119051 will be either the G or FG model (where F means Full Fairing)

Frame numbers from 119052 to 119220 will be either the H or FH model

Frame numbers above 119221 will be CH or FCH derivatives 

See GALLERY section for model illustrations

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