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Sorting The Paint....

This is potentially the most expensive part of the rebuild. As it stands now, I have several new panels, which are the Belly Pan, Top Fairing, Tail Faring, and one Fairing Middle Panel all in the correct scheme.....all hard to get and expensive. I have both the frame covers, new, but these are the wrong colour scheme. So I need the tank painting, (which I have replaced as the original had rotted away....) one Fairing Middle Panel, and the single seat coverter. I'm awaiting prices for this from Dream Machine, and K.A.S. Racepaint.

I'll post pics as and when things develop.

One of the more recent pictures I have, taken while trial fitting the random collection of bodywork I have collected, although this was before it was running. The silencers have been renovated and fitted , and I now have several new panels to fit, in the correct color scheme, a new top fairing and screen are waiting along with a new belly pan, tail unit. This keeps paintwork costs to a minimum.

There are numerous Suzuki paint codes and combinations used on the bike. They are as follows.....

08X or 14L are Super White, the Dark Blue is called 23Z Powerful Blue,the lighter blues are 08K Vivid Blue and 08L Light Blue, then you have combination colours, E.G. one of the Frame Covers is Part Number 47110-40A10-7TG, the number breaks down thus, 47110 will be Suzuki's reference for a Right Hand Frame cover, and may be used for that type of part on any number of bikes, 40A relates specifically to the RG250 Mklll, the 10 after that showing its a revised part (and the revision number), and the 7TG is that parts colour combination, in this instance 7TG represents 14L & 23Z, Super White and Powerful Blue, so I'd know that's the correct part for my bike for instance. There was a RED option in some markets. The SUZUKI parts book (which can be found on line through CMSNL, for example) will list the colours and their combinations

The image was taken off a Japanese Auction site. The bike should be more or less identical to the U.K. 'FG' Model,including the lower fairing, and using the same paint design, but in Reds not Blues. I like it. The frame has been painted by someone lacking taste!

 This is another popular scheme in the Japanese Market,celebrating the Manufacturers sponsorship by Canadian Oil Tycoon, Walter Wolf. Also available in a pretty Light Green shade, too (see below).

 A not so pretty Walter Wolf colour scheme.

My mate had one just like this..lovely....I was very envious of his Fuel Gauge (Ha ha), but not his speed warning light!! An oddity of the Japanese Market. This Image taken from PhotoBucket, thank you 'antonydup' for posting it there.

 A rarely seen color scheme here in the U.K.

This is the way the bike featured in this restoration will look when its finished, This is actually my old bike owned in the 80's.I still have somefairing brackets from this very bike I've replated and will re use! Sentimental fool! (less 'senti' and more 'mental'?)

Time for an update on the bodywork front, its THE most expensive stage, so without loads of money or good budget planning, the longest to finish, but personally my main goal was to get the bike done and worry about the plastics last.

I did manage to get a NOS tail piece, but have decided to get a good used one repainted along with the frame covers, and single seat converter, as other NOS parts have very different shades of Blue, so getting them all painted together will ensure less variation. They will probably be fitted in the Spring-time now.

So this image was taken March 26th 2010, and its looks great, doesn't it? I managed to get hold of a good used fairing/clock/headlight/instrument bracket and it is fitted here, and fits so much better than the one I spent hours straightening during the dry build! It needs powder coating and all of the wiring refitting properly. I now need to re-bleed the oil pump and re-route all the breather and drain hoses, I still need to repaint the front calipers and fit the new brake hoses I bought....but a huge step in the right direction.

 The above three pics were taken 21 May 2010, also in the shots is my Brothers Honda SS50 I helped him to restore 2006/2007. Its still looks great now despite have quite a few miles racked up since! The Gamma's brake calipers have been repainted, and new hoses fitted. Bleeding the brakes was again fun, but I learned a few tricks to make life a little easier.

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