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Slow Progress.....but progress, none the less!

I'd just thought I'd bring you upto date with whats been happening over the last couple of months. I have finally taken the last of the bodywork to Dream Machine today, so all being well, in four or five weeks the bodywork will be done. I have found a VERY good used fairing bracket, as the one I fitted, I spent hours straightening, and am not convinced to how succesful I have been! I have found a couple of silencers, as one of those fitted has a hole rusted through it and is blowing!! They will be refurbished and fitted ASAP. The gauze fuel filter, fitted in the tank is leaking, so the tank needs to come off to sort that, and I have an in-line filter to fit while its stripped down, as I'm still getting problems with sticking/blocked float jets. I can't wait for the warmer weather to come so I can get into the garage without freezing my nuts off!!

Other issues to address are the front calipers will be repainted to sort out the effects of brake fluid leaking past the bleed screws....these will be replaced. I also have a full set of new, original brake hoses to tidy things up, too.

I'll keep you posted!

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