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Well, the bike has now covered 520 miles, and as I write, is having more added, by Jim Moore, Editor of Practical Sportsbike for a feature in the next issue! I'm both excited and nervous at the prospect of my bike being at the hands of someone else for a couple of hours, I only hope that Jim enjoys it, and that the bike behaves as well for him, as it has for me....and that there are no mis-haps!!  The weather is not great right now but at least its dry! The morning started at about 10.15 with a look around the bike and the "workshop" (such as it is!) and I'm pleased to say they were impressed with the bike. Interview, and photo's then followed, of the bike, garage, and also, me!! I'm not a lover of posed photo's, but thats what they wanted. They then drove away in the car for an hour or so looking for photo locations, before returning about 1.00 pm to take the bike for a test ride.....I nervously await the return of my bike as I write....

The bike will, all being well with Jim's ride, be on disply on Diff'rent Strokers ( ) stand at the Stafford Show in October!! See you there!

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