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Leaking Fluids!!

Well, thats a pain in the arse. Its been running for a couple of weeks now, and today, I discovered that the head gasket is leaking, along with, quite predictably, the base gaskets!! Maybe running it upto temperature a few times has settled things down a bit causing the head bolts to slacken? Anyway, I'll try to re-torque the bolts, but that means I'll have to remove the radiator.

Maybe its water inside the engine that causes it to initially run on just the left cylinder for 5 seconds or so, when it starts? I had presumed it was a dodgy plug, but now I'm not so sure.....

Also, there is a slight oil leak from the clutch cover, hopefully nipping up the screws will sort that, and finally, the float bowl gasket is leaking on the left hand carb, I'm not gonna mess about, I'll replace the gaskets with new ones....they're on order.

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