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Gaining Popularity??

Hello! It seems through emails and messages I receive, mainly due to this site, that the RG250 is gaining in popuarity, with 4 or 5 people in the U.K. alone, stating that they are restoring their own bikes. I hope that this site has been of use, and I'd love to think, inspiration, to those trying to take on the task. I recall well, when chasing bits on Ebay, that occasionally, I'd be outbid by the same person, but this was rare, suggestiong I was in a pretty small group interested in this bike, so to realise there are now more people, than at any other time, expressing an interest in these bikes, its sure to bump up the prices of spares as demand increases, and competition to own parts builds. There was recently a restored RG250 on Ebay, that I believe failed to reach its reserve, not even rising to £2000 if memory serves correct. This was early November, so not the best time to be selling, with the combined distractions of Winter  and Christmas looming.  Looking at the Ebay images, it was THIS bike. Quite a tidy job, I'm sure you'll agree. If you are restoring a bike, or have restored a bike, of any description, please feel free to add images on this site, and a description, I'd love to see them, and it would be great if you coild help this site to grow. I'm hoping that although my personal restoration is complete, I really would like this site to help others.

All the best!


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