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Classic Motorcycle Mechanics - U.K.

I took the Gamma out for a shakedown just before Christmas, the mild, clear weather at the time, was too good to miss, it really felt great to get out on it, because it blew away the 'winter blues', and made me feel alot happier than I had of late. It ran beautifully, and flowed through the bends of the local A roads, lifting the spirits like only a stroker can!

I'm pleased to say, this bike is scheduled to be featured in a forthcoming issue of Classic Motorcycle Mechanics, here in the U.K., the bike is to be ridden on Wednesday 1st February, along with a Walter Wolf version, owned by well known classic stroker hoarder, extraordinaire, Andy Bolas! I was told today, its to be in "the next issue", but whether that means the next issue they publish (March 2012), or the next issue they work on....I have no idea! Time will tell.

Happy biking,


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