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Bite The Bullet.

The new Head Gasket is leaking coolant around all sides, into the bores and into the power valve chambers!! I've decided its a dodgy head gasket, so opted to fit a genuine Suzuki Head Gasket, which has a list price of £66.00!!! Robinsons did me a better price, but £45.00 is still steep!! I figured that £30.00 or so, for a pattern gasket set means the difference is only about £15.00. Fitted it tonight and all seems well, the old gasket was soaking, it was totally pourous!! Rubbish.

So, fingers crossed that issue is sorted, but removing the head highlighted another problem. When starting from cold, it wont initially run on the right cylinder, after about 30 seconds or so, it finally chimes in, I'd changeg te plugs, and swapped the leads over, so seems to be fuel related, but running on premix. means no fuel, no oil!! Resulting in very slight scoring of the bore, so will be carb off again to investigate!!

I've taken the fuel tank to Dream Machine for painting, most panels are NOS, and don't need painting. Been quoted 4 to 6 weeks for that! But when the tank is done and running issues resolved, the fuel and oil tank can be refitted for good, and the fairing so it will look more like a Gamma again!!

EDIT. Today I blew out the pilot jet of the right hand carb with an air line, then wondered whether the right hand float bowl wasn't filling, as on the Gamma, it fills from the left hand carb, so I leaned the bike right over to the right, ensure it filled, and it ran on both almost straight away, tho I didn't give it long to fill, so hopefully, with a tank of fuel mounted, there will be no more problems!

I've had a play with the Gamma again tonight, and found that the right carb was overflowing, and discovered a simple way to stop the float from sticking.....blow compressed air up the overflow, some fuel did blow down the carb breather hose, and I'd be cautious about using too much pressure!! Worked a treat tho.

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