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Back On The Road!

Over the last few days, I presented the Gamma for its 1st MOT for many years, and it flew through! Taxed the bike on Saturday, and have since put over 50 miles on it, without any problems....other than the number plate, which was stuck on, rather than screwed (Number plate screws are a pet hate of mine...) falling off.....maybe me and those pesky screws will come to some kind of agreement!!

The bike pulls well, but its true performance is as yet unknown until its all run in, but its an exciting ride, despite my initial nerves at being back on the road, especially with a bike that has such crap mirrors!! Its an agile bike that changes direction quickly, but feels fairly stable, despite its 16" front wheel. Looking forward to getting it run in, before then though, I'm just off to get a new number plate! Happy riding, guys!

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