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Awoken From Slumber...

Had a few days off work to go away, however, today was a spare day and the Sun was shining.....time to wake the Gamma from its winter hibernation.

I knew that getting it started was not going to be a simple affair, as I had failed with a few attempts over the winter...I'd figured there was some debris in the carbs causing my problems, and had decided to get the tank off , clean the carbs (again) and fit an inline fuel filter in addition to the one in the tank....ahhhhh, the one in the tank....I had purchased a good used tank to have repainted, and the gauze filter from inside that, was a common sight around the garage and never concerned me, until I spotted igt in two places!!.... It seems I'd forgot to fit one when fitting the tank!!

Back to todays work, fairing and tank off, carbs removed and with float bowls taken off, the level of crap inside was bewildering....cleaned up and blown out with compressed air, they were refitted in no time. Again I rigged up a fuel/oil supply and she started second kick and settled into an even idle!! Music!!!

Hopefully now all fuelling issues are resolved, and they'll pose no future setbacks. I have to repaint the front calipers, and fit new hoses I recently found on Ebay, replace the fork brace with a NOS one and get the Air Suspension decal to the left Fork Leg. The remaining painted panels should only be a couple of weeks from completion now, and I'd love to have this list of jibs done before they arrive....Happy days!!

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