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450 Miles And Counting!

Hello, I thought I'd post a brief update to let you know  how the bike is doing. Its now covered 450 Miles, and is a real pleasure to ride, though needs someone with more confidence and commitment than I currently posses, to get the most out of it, basically, she needs a damned good spanking!!

The bike rides so nice, the suspension soaking up bumps with ease, and not getting thrown off line, and being really flickable. There have been no problems so far, it starts 1st or 2nd kick, though needs choke even on a warm day, sometimes, even with a warm engine! Its proved to be a real head turner, with many comments and compliments addressed toward the bike. One of the magazines in the U.K has asked to feature it, so I'm happy to email them and let them know they can have it, now its pretty much run in, and know to be reliable, so watch this space!!

Stay safe.

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